Case Method

We discuss everyday situations that occur in our families on the basis of so-called case study method. The University of Harvard developed the case method in the early 20th century. This method provides a very good insight into the complex relationships between people. In business schools, this method is often used in small groups, so that each participant can explore the underlying issues, compare alternatives and suggest various ways of resolving the problem.

Through the case study, the parents calmly immerse themselves in real situations of married and family life in order to find a solution in mutual consultation. In this way, they already acquire a certain experience in order to react resolutely later, when the incidents actually occur.

The analysis is done in several steps:

  • Establishing the facts
  • Analysing the problems
  • Searching for solutions

Each case is treated at different levels:

  • Individually. Reading of the case and background information.
  • As a couple: Exchange of views with spouse.
  • Group session. Case analysis in a team of three to five couples. The team meeting is approximately 1 hour.
  • General session. In-depth analysis with two or three teams (i.e. ten to fifteen couples) under the supervision of a moderator. The moderator ensures that the educational background aspects of the case are properly explained. The general session lasts approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes.
  • Discussion at home between the spouses to formulate points for attention for the own family.

This method is interactive. To enrich the content of the sessions, participants are asked to give their opinion, exchange thoughts, ask questions, give examples, etc.